Xmax - V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit (Black)

Xmax - V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit (black)

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The XMAX V3 PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer from XMAX offers an affordable, pen-style solution for dry herb vaping or aromatherapy. It's user-friendly with just three buttons and a display screen. It offers two modes - On Demand and Session Mode, providing 45-60 minutes of runtime via its removable 18650 battery. The precise temperature control ranges from 100-220°C (212-428°F). With its lightweight body, haptic feedback, auto shut-off safety feature, magnetic mouthpiece, and quick 10-second pure convection heating, it's a convenient choice for on-the-go vaping.

Features and Specifications

  • Magnetic mouthpiece and battery door
  • Built-in stir tool and mouthpiece
  • Pen-style aromatherapy product
  • Magnetic battery lid
  • Auto stand-by and shut-off for safety
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Isolated air-path
  • Waxy cup for concentrate use
  • Large OLED screen
  • Changeable working session time: 4 minutes and 6 minutes
  • Compatible with dosing capsules, allowing you to pre-fill your vape and insert it directly into the chamber of the XMAX V3 Pro Vape while you're on the move.
  • Size: approx. 150 x 26.6 x 23.8mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Heating: Convection
  • Heat-up time: 15 seconds
  • Power source: Battery (2600 mAh)
  • Temperature: 212°F - 428°F (100°C - 220°C)

    Package Content

    • 1x XMAX V3 Pro Vapouriser
    • 1x Manual
    • 1x Type C USB charging cable
    • 1x Alcohol wipes
    • 1x Cotton swabs
    • 1x Brush
    • 1x Wax cup
    • Battery Included