Vaping Safety Tips: Ensuring A Secure Experience For Brisbane Vapers

You’ve picked up the latest vape in Brisbane — awesome, you’re no longer exposing yourself to the 7000-plus chemicals found in cigarettes and tobacco products. But it doesn’t mean vapes are completely risk-free either. They’re still battery-powered devices housing high-capacity power cells, and if mishandled, they have the potential to cause injury.

To give yourself more peace of mind and hassle-free operation, our guide to the top vaping safety tips will ensure you can effortlessly vape on flavour-packed clouds and extend the life of your pod and mod kit beyond their water, dust and shock resistance.

Avoid mixing your own vape juice blends

After buying a vape in Brisbane, it’s common to want to go all out and create your own cocktail of vape juice blends. Before you start setting up your backyard laboratory, it’s essential to understand that your e-liquids are more than a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine — it’s also the addition of flavouring and cooling agents that have been carefully blended to precise formulas.

Instead, opt for professionally made vape juices crafted in purpose-built facilities that are properly sterilised to prevent contamination. Not only will you save more money in the end after trying multiple attempts to get the blend right, but you still have every flavour you can imagine at your disposal, including classic favourites like watermelon ice to more obscure styles such as maple syrup-covered pancakes and peanut butter jam cookies.

Additionally, your e-liquids are prone to oxidising, so to prevent them from losing their punch, store them in a cool, dry and dark place when you don’t need to refill your tank.

Don’t fall prey to vaper’s tongue

Most people, at some point in their vape journey, will find themselves succumbing to vaper’s tongue, and if you’re a chain vaper like some of us, it might happen more often. Vaper’s tongue occurs when your favourite vape juices no longer hit the spot — where your taste buds feel numb, and you can no longer taste the same sweet and nuanced flavours of your latest blend.

But don’t worry — it’s only temporary. Depending on how frequently you use your vape, it tends to last from two to three days and up to two weeks in extreme cases. 

How to get rid of vaper’s tongue:

  • Change up your vaping style — We know it’s easier said than done, but we suggest giving your taste buds a chance to breathe by taking a break from vaping for one to two days. Or, at least reducing how many puffs you take in one sitting.
  • Drink more water — Filling your mouth with constant vapour can quickly dry it out and dehydrate your taste buds, preventing them from maintaining their full functionality.
  • Swap flavours — While you might have fallen in love with double green apple, if it’s the only thing you vape on, it’s easy for your taste buds to get lazy and stop tasting your e-liquids. Simply switch to a new vape juice to refresh your palate.
  • Maintain oral hygiene — During your morning and nighttime routine, don’t forget to brush your tongue alongside your teeth to help remove bacteria that can dampen how you taste the vape juice’s flavour.

Proper battery care

If you’re looking to get the most out of your vape in Brisbane, learning how to handle your batteries can make a huge difference to ensure your device performs as it was designed for.

Maintaining them will do more than just extend their life and ensure you achieve a full charge, as lack of proper maintenance can lead to leaks and ruin the internal chamber they sit in. But most importantly, they have the potential to short circuit and cause a fire or explosion in exceptional circumstances, risking your safety and that of others close by.

How to safely maintain your vape battery:

  • Only use recommended batteries
  • Unfortunately, when your vape has died, you can’t steal the AA batteries from your TV’s remote control. Most pod and mod kits that require interchangeable batteries use either 18650 or 21700 sizes with varying capacities, ranging from 2,500 mAh to 4,000 mAh. Selecting the right battery size from a reputable brand like Samsung or Golisi will ensure your vape can safely handle the battery’s current output without overheating or affecting its performance.

  • Safely charge your battery using an external charger
  • Lithium batteries can be somewhat temperamental — draining to zero and overcharging them can affect their battery life. To optimally care for your lithium battery, use an external battery charger capable of discharging the current at a consistent rate. This charger should also be able to sense your battery’s capacity and halt its output when it reaches total capacity. As lithium batteries have a limited lifespan, adhering to these practices can significantly extend the number of full charging cycles they provide.

  • Ensure all batteries used have the same level of charge
  • While vaping, your device assumes both batteries have the same capacity and distribute the load evenly between the two power cells. If one battery is drained more than the other, the battery may be overworked beyond its acceptable limitations. To get around this, only use batteries that are either new or have recently finished charging at the same time. 

  • Use a battery wrap to insulate the outer battery casing
  • Unlike traditional batteries, vape batteries have a thin membrane that separates the positive and negative ends. Use a battery wrap to encase your power cell to avoid faulty connections, extend the life of your battery and prevent the need for a replacement.

  • Store batteries in a case
  • Storing your batteries in a dedicated case can prevent them from falling or rubbing against other objects, which can damage their membrane. When your vape isn’t in use, try storing them in a cool place, as temperatures higher than 40℃ can deplete their charge faster.

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