Switch to Vaping with Quality Vapor Accessories in Aspley

Vaping is increasingly common as a better alternative to traditional smoking, and to get started the right way, it’s essential to get the right vapor accessories in Aspley. Whether it’s because you’re enamoured with the variety of flavours and juices available for vaping, or you’ve heard of the health benefits, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.


Especially for those who are new to vaping, getting the right accessories is vital to building comfort.

  • Tanks – A good tank will help you personalise your experience. A tank that lights up with a bright colour allows you to gain immediate feedback about how much of a pull you’re getting. That kind of visual aid is helpful as you’re learning to titrate and not get overwhelmed.
  • Coils – Occasionally, you’ll need to replace the coil in your atomiser. If you neglect this, the taste and quality of your vaping experience degrades significantly. Different coils also produce different experiences. For example, a higher-resistance coil will provide a slower and cooler pull, while a lower-resistance coil will heat up more swiftly and create more voluminous vapor.
  • Other Accessories – We also carry a variety of other accessories, including tool kits to help you service your device. Learning how to care for your device properly will save you time and money while investing yourself in the experience and improving the relaxation you get from it.

We have an extensive array of accessories available for purchase, each offering something unique as you become more experienced with vaping.


We won’t abandon you to search on your own when you’re new to vaping.

  • Our Aspley and Coorparoo locations feature in-store demonstrations of how to use your device. If you have any questions or areas of discomfort regarding regular use and maintenance, our team is happy to help.
  • We’re pleased to offer a generous three-month warranty and will even handle the communication with the manufacturer for you. You can take advantage of the relationships that we’ve established with our manufacturing partners to get functioning equipment without having to jump through hoops.
  • Our online store offers quick shipping times, often within 24 hours. If you visit one of our locations and an item you’re looking for is out of stock, we may also have it at another location or available online, so we’ll ship it to you.

About Vapecloud

We’ve been working in the smoking and tobacco industry for 30 years. During that time, we gained an appreciation for the art form of it, but when we learned about vaping, we made the switch. That was four years ago, and now we offer quality and reliable vape devices and products at competitive rates. We insist on the highest quality and most reputable suppliers for our juices and accessories. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to switch to vaping and find a starter kit that’s suited to you.