Geekvapes: The Smart Way To Save On Vaping

With the ever-increasing price of cigarettes and tobacco, smokers are getting burnt in more ways than one. Turning to vapes is one of the best wallet-friendly things any ex and current smoker can do — but with Geekvape in your arsenal, you can invest in a high-performing experience that delivers on flavour and vapour product and, more importantly, cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we’ll share various reasons why Geekvapes saves you money vaping.

1. They’re built to last

Whether you’ve been caught in the rain or had a slip and saw your vape tumble and roll, every vaper has been left with a broken device at some point during their journey. However, if you had a Geekvape pen vape or mod, this wouldn’t be a problem. Many Geekvape products are built with IP68 water, dust and shock resistance, allowing you to put your kit to the test without compromising its performance or needing to replace it.

2. Devices designed to be compatible and customised

Whether you are a sub-ohm vaper, prefer the restricted feel of a mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience or like to create billowing clouds with direct-to-lung (DTL), Geekvape has enabled its large following to tailor their device to their vaping style.

But like any avid vaper, we can guess you’ve amassed your own collection of various mod bodies and tanks. With 510 threaded connections being the most common, Geekvape devices are easily interchangeable, enabling you to mix and match between different parts to expand your vaping choices and design a setup customised to your needs using tools you already have at home.

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