Enhance Your Vaping Experience With Our Geekvape Products

On a page listing pod kits, yep, it’s them. Browsing the range of coils, who do you think it is — Geekvape. Cue the eerie music and fog machine; you'll think it's them knocking at the door. You might feel like you’re being followed, but with a robust reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative products, it’s no wonder why Geekvape products form the foundational collection for every vape store.

If you’ve been wondering why Geekvape is a fixture among the vaping community, we’ll run through how the brand got started and what propelled them to create amped-up kits and accessories which make them a must-have for any casual and serious vaper.

Geekvape — the origin story

While it was only founded in 2015 in Shenzen, China, Geekvape has quickly become a heritage brand. Starting as a label to help people quit smoking, it quickly found its place designing products tailored to uplift your vaping experience and give you an easy-to-use vape you can rely on. With a footprint across the globe and all continents except Antarctica (for now), vapers have become enamoured with their kits and coils that extract all the nuances from your e-liquids and give you superb MTL and DTL vapour production.

If you’ve ever tried Geekvape products for yourself, you’ll quickly understand why they are the most popular brand. Designed to conform to your lifestyle and how their users prefer to vape, their intuitive designs will make you never want their mods to leave your hand.

Geekvape — pushing vaping technology to the next level

Building innovative devices is part of their DNA — Geekvape is one of the few brands that have successfully created pod and mod kits that elegantly use leather, metal and engineered plastic finishes that exude sophistication while maintaining a heavy-duty construction to withstand dust, water and light drops. 

Using a high-tech-led approach, new ranges of Geekvape products utilise their proprietary VPU technology that uses etched heaters, non-woven and ceramic cores that change how your kit heats. In conjunction with its AS chipset, Geekvape mods and pod mods enjoy an optimised vapour and flavour production that prolongs your coil’s and battery’s life and extracts pure flavour.

Geekvape devices — made to satisfy every type of vaper

There really is a Geekvape product for every vaper, from intuitive draw-activated pen vapes to convenient pod mods and mods that offer high levels of customisation with adjustable wattage and temperature control. With a long-lasting battery life that will give you days of use on one charge to evocative finishes like their prismatic, iridescent colourways, Geekvape devices are immediately recognisable as a hallmark of quality.

With a trusted name that has allowed them to partner with football club Paris Saint-Germain F.C. to develop ultra user-friendly devices for new vapers with their Wenax line and their legendary Aegis collection that is a powerhouse for DTL and sub-ohm vapers — whatever vaping style you’re in the mood for, Geekvape does it all.

Blow clouds effortlessly with Geekvape coils

While matching coils between devices is a little challenging for new vapers to get their head around, Geekvape makes it easier with several pod vapes that are compatible with their Q series pods. If you’re looking for coils that absorb your e-liquids and are optimised to evenly heat your vape juice for a longer-lasting coil life, Geekvape is the one brand you should consider.

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