Try Electronic Cigarettes as an Alternative to Smoking

Some people think that electronic cigarettes are just as harmful as smoking regular cigarettes. It turns out vaping causes a lot less harm to your body than burning tobacco which is full of deleterious carcinogens that cause a multitude of health problems including death. Vapecloud offers you the opportunity to kick the smoking habit and replace it with something that still addresses your addictive tendencies.


As with anything you put in your body careful research leads to informed decision making. Think about why you want to buy electronic cigarettes. Do you want to use it as an aid to quit smoking? Do you have a compulsive disorder that you fulfil with food? Once you know why you want to try vaping some basic guidelines will get you started smartly.

  • Explain your reasons to start vaping and ask which basic model is the best to address your desires. If you’re using a vape to stop compulsive eating something with the flavour of the food you like to munch on could deter you from eating.
  • Try different flavours of juice to find one that suits your taste. You may love fruit flavours but find that vaping them tastes different and unpleasant.


People smoke cigarettes for different reasons. Once you start down that road, the nicotine creates an addiction that makes quitting difficult. Introducing an alternative that is a lot less harmful to your body can result in a healthier you.

  • Starting with a cheap model made from inferior quality materials can end up costing you more in the long run by having to replace that cheaper model with a higher quality brand. It may also not work properly causing you constant frustration.
  • If you don’t pay attention to the liquid level in your tank, you could end up dry vaping which will result in a burning sensation at the back of your throat and burn out your coils faster. The tanks are created so you can see when the juice level is getting low.

When switching from cigarettes to vaping it is important to buy quality products and pay attention to the juice level in your tank to prevent dry vaping and help your coils last longer which saves you money in the long run.

About Vapecloud

We sell electronic cigarettes in Brisbane and online. We have five locations in Brisbane for you to visit, ask questions and try different mods and flavours to get you started. Our Aspley and Coorparoo stores stock an extensive range of products to choose from so you are sure to find the mod and juice flavour that addresses your desires.

When you’re finally ready to kick the cigarette habit and try vaping, contact us to learn more on how to start down a healthier path that smells and tastes better and positively addresses your cigarette addiction. We are always available to answer any questions you have.