Uwell - Caliburn G Mesh Coils

Uwell - Caliburn G Mesh Coils 0.8ohm

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UWell Caliburn G Coils 0.8Ω are replacement coils for the Caliburn G pod systems, last longer than other coils thanks to the excellent Pro-FOCS flavour technology. By keeping the coil at a consistent temperature throughout the vape you get unrivaled flavour reproduction and long-lasting performance. If you own a Caliburn G, you can switch it up by trying out the coil that didn't come bundled in your kit.

The excellent coil replacement mechanism on the Caliburn G pod system is easy -- make sure you run down the juice in your tank, key an eye on it using the vape juice viewing window. Once you're ready simply pull out the pod, prime the new one if you don't want to wait. Slot in making sure the flat part of the coil is correctly aligned with the arrow and flush with the base.

Features and Specifications

Package Content

  • 1x Pack of 4 Uwell - Caliburn G Mesh Coils 0.8ohm (4pcs/pack)