Beard 60ml

Beard Vape Co. came about in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in California’s Venice Beach when the Bates brothers (Brady and Casey) and their close friend (Colbey Pfund) began to experiment with e-juices.

They soon realised that their creations were remarkable enough to rival the ones they were selling.

The crew worked tirelessly to produce a range of juices, which through continuous customer feedback, they narrowed down to a top 3. That was in 2014.

Today, Beard Vape Co. is a market leader, continuously entrancing vapers with their line of juices that carries the distinctive Beard brand (we can assure you, these juices taste nothing like a beard).

Whether it’s their exquisitely un-beardy No. 05 (New York style cheesecake), their No. 32 (Cinnamon funnel cake), or any of the rest of the Beard Vape Co. range, buy them online right here at VapeCloud.

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