Vaping Facts You Need To Know

When you’ve butted out the ciggies for the last time and looking for an effective cessation device, the benefits of vaping can transform your lifestyle and put a stop to ciggie butt brain for good. Currently, 2.2% of Australian adults identify as vapers; according to the ABS and even the USA’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that e-cigarettes expose vapers to far fewer harmful chemicals than burned cigarettes. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re harmless, either. As your lungs are designed only to accept oxygen and carbon dioxide, there are many vaping effects you should first consider to determine whether this smoking method is right for you. Our blog will run you through the various vaping facts, benefits and a few drawbacks to help you get the best experience.

  • Vaping is far more affordable

  • With the annual increase in tobacco excise, the price rise is enough for even a non-smoker to wince. The fact is, at $30 plus for a packet of twenty sticks, smoking isn’t a cheap activity at all. If you want to add some weight to your wallet, a vape device is a one-time purchase that only requires you to refill the tank with a vape juice that can last you over a month, depending on how much you like to take a hit.

  • Significantly less harmful than smoking

  • With over 20 thousand preventable deaths annually in Australia alone associated with smoking-related illnesses, leaving the durries in the bin has never been more important. With the ability to simulate the experience of smoking by drawing and blowing out vapour without exposure to endless chemicals, many people have realised the positive effects of vaping, allowing them to minimise their exposure to tar and other compounds.

    Through many public educational programs to (rightfully) eliminate smoking, it has allowed many people, including smokers, to get confused and ignore many vaping facts. Through an evidence review by Public Health England, it found various interesting and positive vaping effects, including:

    • Vaping was influential in helping 20,000 people quit smoking each year.
    • Vaping is far less harmful to the vaper and has a negligible risk to ‘passive vapers’.

    When you’re visiting a vape shop online or in person, you can review the list of ingredients used and generally find a small list of simple additives, such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) that are water-based solutions that create the vapour you exhale, as well as flavouring and cooling agents. 

  • It can be just as addictive

  • With vibrant flavour blends that mix tangy fruit with sweet desserts or tobacco-style flavours with a hint of caramel and vanilla, you can be in awe trying to sample the countless combinations at a vape shop online — in fact, you might forget to put the vape down. Being conscious of your behaviour and not mindlessly vaping will help prevent you from replacing one habit with another, even though it is less harmful.

  • It’s not suitable for people under 18

  • If you’ve ever been partial to an under-the-counter disposable electronic cigarette, you’re likely unsure of what they have put in there, making it incredibly important to only buy from reputable vape shops online like Vape Cloud. Some may claim they’re nicotine-free to the contrary. 

    Nicotine, like alcohol, can affect the creation of neural pathways in the brain — affecting how new skills and information is learnt and retained. By removing its accessibility to adolescents, it can protect their brain health and prevent a new generation of vapers who may have never smoked previously.

    Find the balance and benefits of vaping with Vape Cloud 

    Like anything, it can be easy for anyone to take things too far, but with a little education and trial and error, you can find a vaping style that matches your needs and preferences. If you need help weighing your options, get in contact with our team, who can recommend some helpful devices.

    For a pleasurable vaping experience that hits the spot every time, Vape Cloud offers a vast collection of high-quality vape devices that are intuitive and easy to use. Discover our nicotine-free vape juices to power up with delectable flavours that tickle your taste buds. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a smoother, refreshing vape.