Find out why you should buy products from our vape shop in Brisbane.

If you’re looking for a vape shop in Brisbane that sources quality products from leading manufacturers and offers a broad variety of flavours and accessories, your search ends here. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or switch to a healthier habit, vaping might be the perfect solution. Keep reading below to find out why we’re a leading store and to learn how to avoid common mistakes regarding vaporisers.


We stand out in the vaping industry for reasons including:

  • We only sell nicotine-free juices: Many of our customers switch to vaping to wean off smoking cigarettes and beat their nicotine addiction for good, which is why all our e-liquids are nicotine-free. Many people report that kicking the habit of smoking is easier when you can emulate the action of inhaling and exhaling smoke, or vapour in this case. If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, you might want to see what’s on offer at our store.
  • We boast an extensive range of e-liquids: Because we understand that everybody has a different palate, we provide vape juices in a broad range of flavours, including cinnamon, vanilla, various fruits and more. Finding the right product for you will help you make the switch from cigarettes to vape devices and stick to it. Come and visit our store, and we’ll gladly show you what we have.
  • We stock vape devices and accessories from leading manufacturers: We only source e-cigarettes from the world’s leading brands because of our commitment to providing our customers with quality products. If you experience any problems with your device or accessories, you’ll be glad to know that we offer three-month warranties. If something goes wrong with your products or you’re unhappy with your purchase, we’ll give you a refund or a replacement – no questions asked.


Avoid these mistakes, and you can add years to the lifespan of your vaporiser while minimising the risk of accidents. These pointers will also ensure you can enjoy a pleasant vaping experience:

  • Overcharging the battery: Charing your e-cigarette overnight may be convenient but doing so can damage the battery. Just like your smartphone, every charge cycle causes the battery to degrade. If you want to maximise the lifespan of your battery, you should charge it before it drains entirely, and remove the battery from the charger as soon as it’s full.
  • Neglecting to put enough e-liquid in their vaporiser: E-cigarettes work by heating liquid on a hot coil to turn the juice into vapour. If you fail to put enough liquid into your vaporiser’s chamber, you may feel a burning sensation on your throat, which is often known as ‘dry hitting.’
  • Buying cheap equipment: It’s worth investing in quality vaporisers and accessories because products that don’t comply with safety regulations have been known to catch on fire. Defective batteries have even caused explosions and resulted in injuries. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about such disasters when you purchase our products.

Why Customer Should Use Vapecloud

For high-value prices, top-quality products from leading brands, excellent warranties and an unrivalled selection of juice flavours, look no further than Vapecloud, one of Brisbane’s leading suppliers of vaporisers and accessories. Visit our store our contact our professionals for more information.