E-Cigarettes from Vapecloud as a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Are you a smoker who’s looking to quit – or know someone who is? E-cigarettes can help you kick the habit for good, eliminating the risks tobacco and nicotine present and improving your health. There is much debate around vaping and how strictly it should be regulated. However, one thing is crystal-clear: it’s healthier than smoking. It also smells better, costs less, and can be enjoyed in more areas. At Vapecloud, we love seeing people discover and stick with vaping and the sense of freedom they enjoy with their smoking days in the rear-view mirror.


We sell more than just e-cigarettes in our online store. Take a look and discover our:

  • E-cigarettes and vapes. We have a wide range of vaping kits and devices to suit many different preferences and needs and a variety of quality brands including Vaporesso, VOOPOO, AEGIS, and Wismec.
  • Accessories. We can keep you well-stocked with coils, tanks, and batteries to ensure a premium vaping experience.
  • Juices. We understand that our customers have a wide range of tastes, so we stock a variety of different e-liquids in varying flavours to please any palate.

When it comes to all our products, our commitment to quality is second to none. We sell only premium vape products, and we pride ourselves on fast shipping and excellent customer service as well.


If you are making the switch from smoking to vaping, congratulations, vaping is a rewarding and enjoyable activity and one that has helped many people end their tobacco habits. When you’re just starting, there’s a lot to learn. Here are some tips for helping you start on the right foot.

  • Learn about e-liquids. Some beginner vapers decide to buy e-cigarettes with prefilled cartridges or disposable devices to make it as easy as possible. However, when you’re ready to move forward, you’ll need to learn about e-liquid. There are thousands of fun flavours to experiment with, and it’s a lot of fun to try new flavours and discover your favourites.
  • Choosing your first device. It’s best to keep it relatively simple when selecting your first vaping device. There’s plenty of time to go nuts with big, complicated mod gadgets – for now, start with something streamlined and easy to use for the best early experience.
  • Meet some fellow vapers. Vape forums and groups are great places to meet people with similar interests and learn a lot about your new hobby. This way you’ll always have someone to ask for information, chat with about your new device, or build relationships with cool folks.

At Vapecloud, we’re always happy to answer your questions and make recommendations based on your experience level with vaping and your needs and preferences.

About Vapecloud

Vapecloud aims to provide reliable, high-quality vape products at competitive prices to all our local and online customers. Our e-liquid contains no nicotine, making it perfect for individuals who want to shed their addictive habits or avoid forming them in the first place. You can visit our Aspley or Coorparoo store to see our products in person, speak with a knowledgeable associate, or see a live demonstration on how the devices work. For friendly service, fast shipping times, and a great selection of products contact Vapecloud today.